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All the World's a Stage!

So let's take a minute to talk about MISTAKES.

When I teach an acting class to beginners, I let them know "There are no wrong choices, just good, better and then the best choice." I instruct them to breathe, think, and make their best choice...and we in the class as "audience" are instructed to STOW our judgement....and applaud the absolute courage it takes to make a new choice in the first place!


We all make them. It's silly not to pretend otherwise. They frustrate, annoy, and even set us back. As adults, mistakes have the tendency to make us "feel" stupid... the old, "I should have known better" thought, comes up and smacks us in the head.

But here's the thing: We forgive others when they make a mistake- Because stuff happens. I mean a child scribbles on the walls, a parent chastises them...sends them into time out, makes them clean it up (or puts a frame around it and calls it ART). And then it's over. They learn that mistakes happen, learn from them, grow and move on. Why can't we forgive ourselves?

We need to give ourselves that same mercy and grace that we show to others, when a mistake is made. We will undoubtedly have consequences, they will help us to grow, and we need to move on. It's when we refuse to learn, that we get stuck in the same loop, and we can start abusing our very soul.

STOP IT. Have the courage to make the best choice: Love yourself, learn, grow and move on. In life mistakes happen. That is why I love ART.....

In the Art world- we call mistakes "Happy Accidents"

Go forth this week- (THIS MIGHT TAKE SOME COURAGE>>>)Stow your self imposed judgement, love yourself, make the best choice and then go make some "happy accidents"!!!

Live to be a Blessing!


Brenda J.