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All the World's a Stage!!!!


Christmas comes one time a year.  I have heard people in the church say they HATE Christmas.  I do not believe however that can be true.  Well not the Christmas I know and love anyway.  If what you are talking about is the rush and hurry.  The constant going going going.  All the gift buying, and cooking...all the extra layers of people people people...ya well then this introvert cries MERCY DEAR JESUS MERCY. 

But that is not Christmas.  

The Christmas I know and love...is the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The Baby who was born to die...to rescue you and I from all our wrong doings.  It is a time to be joyfilled knowing GOD MADE A WAY FOR US where there seemed to be no way.

SO this Christmas my gift to the world is JEsus Christ Himself.  The NEWS the HE came to save the world.  And that all you need do is JUST BELIEVE.  He loves you.  He made a way for you.

So Blessings to you this Christmas...And God bless us everyone!


Brenda J.