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Genesis 2:3

"And God blessed the 7th day and made it holy, because on it he rested FROM ALL THE WORK OF CREATING that he had done."

     Rest is a holy endeavor.  I believe it. 

 So why then, even though I believe it, do I still find it easier to encourage others to it than myself? I take a day apart, and I think I am a horrible person, or I think of myself as ~ the worst couch potato ever.  Because I choose to stay in my PJs for the day. 

My dog seems content to have my be with him.  My friends seem happy when I tell them I am resting.  God him self said...KEEP THE SABBATH DAY HOLY...So what is my problem?

Being an introvert I do have to push myself out into the world.  I am therefore hyper aware of the days I choose not to do it.  But it is not wrong to take a step back, recharge, rejuvinate.  And if I am honest, I need more time apart to do that very thing.  In fact I am becoming increasingly aware of just how much quiet my spirit requires.  I can tell you it is at odd with how connected the world wants me to be.

So I battle on.  One day of rest, that suddenly became filled with a newsletter that needed to be written and a website to be updated...and a catch up on household cleaning.  And I think...OK well now I can stop and rest and leave the Bible lesson creation for tomorrow. OYE.  And so I begin again, to take a day of rest.


Brenda J.