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All the World's a Stage!!!!

Genesis 2:3

"And God blessed the 7th day and made it holy, because on it he rested FROM ALL THE WORK OF CREATING that he had done."

  I want to take a moment and talk about this thing called CREATING.  The church right now is honing a new word..."Creative".  I was asked at a conference recently, "Are you a CREATIVE?"  I was caught short.  I had realized we had yet another lable for those of us in the arts.  - for the love of all that is holy why do we need one.  YES  I am...but so are all of you who are engaged in this thing called living.

  It takes a boat load of creativity to be a mom and dad keeping your kids and family moving forward each and every day.  It takes a boatload of creativity to be a pastor and move a church body through this world and onto Kingdom building.  It takes a boatload of creativity to administrate anything.  To get people to move forward in a unified fashion, and reach that common goal without getting distracted by selfishness, and "what will this do for me" thinking.  Everywhere I look I see creation, creativity and creative solutions to normal every day issues.  It is not just those of us in the arts that are CREATIVE...Thank God.  God himself was in the creating business.  He had the depth and breadth of imagination to create us and this world around us.  Are you going to call God something other than a Creative?  YOU SHOULD...and that is my point....We are not all 1 thing or the other thing.

    We are all ONIONS~ we have layers. Thanks Mike Myers and Shrek!  I am not JUST a creative.  I also administrate.  I also teach...I also encourage...I also I also I also...I am multifaceted.  The way God created me...and SO ARE YOU! So the next time you have the need to pigeon hole someone into  "OH YOU ARE THIS OR YOU ARE THAT" for your own comfort, stop and think and....remember the ONION. See them for all they are.  And love them for it all.  


Brenda J.