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Free To Be Me Again!

 I caught myself in the mirror this past week...and what I saw stopped me in my tracks.
It wasn't the new gray hair that appeared, nor the wrinkles in the corners of my eyes that made me pause. It was the joy in my eyes, the softness of my brow line; where worry and pressure used to sit now only peace remained. In that mirror I saw me, for the first time in a long long while. I smiled wide and said, "Hello there Brenda J....I've missed you lady. Welcome back." Tears sprung to my eyes. A song began to well up in my heart and pratically leapt out of me. My spirit felt light, and I felt joy like I had not experienced in a long while, and it made me flit about the room a bit-If I am being honest- I FLITTED like I used to flit when I was 6! And then I carried on with my day- but that moment of recognition has not left me.
Sometimes life can beat the You out of YOU. Sometimes you might not even notice how UN-YOU you have become due to the sublteness of the changes being made all around you. But when you realize what is happeneing do whatever you can to hold on to who you were created to be. Keep being and becoming THAT person no matter who wants you to shift. You were fearfully and wonderfully made. And there are wonderful gifts inside of you just waiting to come out and change the world! REMEMBER THAT!
I encourage you this week to slow down...to breathe and take a moment for yourself. You matter.
Be blessed as you go.
Love ya!
Brenda J

Live to be a Blessing!


Brenda J.