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Leaps of Faith...

and a little hurry up and wait!

Have you ever noticed when it is time to make a change how very frustrated you get?  Perhaps it's just me.  I get uber frustrated when it is time to make a shift.  When the winds of change are blowing, getting your ready to sail on, but you can't leave the harbor just yet. I get frustrated with where I am at, what I am doing, and frustrated with NOT KNOWING what exactly is coming next.  You know it is almost time to go but not quite yet, and everything, and I mean everything is seemingly working together to WORK YOUR LAST NERVE!

You Feel like:

You are stuck in the harbor, your ship is moored and you don't have what you need yet to set sail.  This is not the time to leap.  This is the time to gather what you will need for the journey.  Don't get so fruistrated that you miss a step, or provision.  Breathe in Jesus and breathe out peace, and let your ship get loaded with everything you will need for a successful voyage!


Worry about time lines. Do not put pressure on yourself and others to set sail too quickly.  God has you in this harbor purposefully.  Do not worry about what you can not fix, effect, or change. 


Pray and seek the Lord for what He would have you do, what it is He has for you.  Be ready, because as long as this waiting has felt, when the time comes to cast off...you will feel rushed and hurried! As if you are being flushed down a pipe.

And then....

when the time is right...


All it takes is a leap faith...and a little hurry up and wait.


Brenda J.