Engage, Encourage, Empower !                  

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The Bridge Artistic Network

Mission Statement:

We will Engage, Encourage, Empower the Artistic Heart!

A Training Company:

  • classes and workshop designed to help people find their voice, discover their gifts, talents and abilities. And to put those abilities to use for each other and the community.
  • Classes in: Acting, singing, dance, photography, painting, building, scultping, Costuming, stage design, light and sound design, writing, directing. And whatever else we can think of.
  • Gallery showings, Showcases, Readings, , Concerts, Theatrical performances, Weekly Connect groups, Monthly Worship & Fellowship evenings, and much more.
  • Encouraging the hearts and minds and training artists.
  • Giving the artistic community a safe place to shine their light using the gifts and talents they possess.
  • To sow seeds of love and peace for the world to see, and experience.
  • Bringing hope and life and community to all who participate.

StageLife Theater is:

A Christian Theater:

  • A group of artists coming together to use their talents and abilities to glorify God. Shining HIS light into the dark places!
  • Using theater to build bridges from the Body of Christ to the communities they serve!
  • Bringing Hope to our audiences and all who participate

Vision Statement:

  • Using theater and the creative arts we will: Share the Good News with those who have not heard it. We will, bring HOPE to the hopeless, sow seeds of LOVE to the unloved and shine the LIGHT into the darkness.
  • We will strive to reach the secularized world and artists with the GOOD NEWS; creating a community where they can grow in their new faith.
  • We create a place of service for the artist community in the Body of Christ. Using the gifts He gave them; allowing them to bloom where they are planted by giving them service opportunities for the Glory of God!

International Companies: Throughout Europe !

  • A community of artists collaborating with the local churches through out Europe to work and train together. Allowing artists and technicians the opportunity to know how cherished they are by God.
  • Building relational bridges between the artist and and the church.  and the artist to their God.
  • Lighting up their world with love hope and some much needed good news.

    THE SKY IS THE LIMIT! ...and I am believing God for even greater things!

      Helping people to see the possible from the impossible!

      "I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain move from here to there, and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible for you."

      Matt 17:20-21