Love in Action to the Artistic
              Community !

Mission Statement:

Our Mission: Encouraging, Engaging and Empowering the heart of the artist to find and use their unique artistic voice to be a world changer and light bringer!


  • ENGAGING every artist who joins us, helping them grow in their craft.
  • ENCOURAGING to grow in community together.
  • EMPOWERING every artist to use their artistic voice to change the world!
  • CREATING a vast network of artists who will Bridge the gap to their communities using their artistry to bring love, light and life into the world!

Growing in our Craft and in Community!

Our FaceBook Community is already live and active with 143 artists from around the globe encouraging one another!

  • Classes & Lessons 
  • Conferences & Webinars
  • Workshops & Zoomshops
  • A FaceBook Community
  • Face to Face community time.

Building a Bridge to the World Using our Art!

Anywhere in the world that a community of artists desire to engage, encourage and empower one another to share their gifts with the world.

  • Pop-Up Art Events
  • Theatrical Events (with StageLife Theater & Others)
  • Concerts
  • Gallery Nights
  • Fund Raisers for Community Action Projects

Vision Statement:

Bringing hope, light and love to our artists and audiences!

Helping Artists never doubt how valuable and important they are!

  • We will Respect & Encourage one another:

    Treat others how you want to be treated!

  • We will go forth with Love & Joy: 

    We will make an impact in our community: Love you neighbor as yourself.

    What kind of world could we create if THIS was our ethos?!?!

    Well at the Bridge it is- so come on in!

    Every artists who joins our ranks will walk away with a deeper understanding of their giftedness; knowing they are a cherished member of society and their life has great purpose.


 Surrounding each artists in redemptive love, allowing them to discover their unique voice.

Being a beacon of  LIGHT in this world.

Creating a community of artists, that desire to use their gifts to change this world. 



International Companies:

  • Artists collaborating with each other and their community throughout the world to work and train together.
  • Building relational bridges to the artists all over the world!


Lighting up their world with love, hope and some much needed good news.


    Helping people to see the possible from the impossible!